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Self Funded Retirees

We provide advice and guidance for self-funded retirees and those transitioning to retirement, to build and manage their wealth for the financial peace of mind they strive to enjoy in their retirement years.

At Durand Financial Services, our advice has helped many self-funded retirees to plan their wealth to deliver income streams capable of supporting the lifestyle of their choosing in their retirement years.

To achieve these outcomes we coordinate with other professionals, including your accountant and lawyer on important financial matters that relate to your estate and the establishment of trusts and structures that are appropriate for tax efficiencies particular to your situation, amongst others.

Ours is not a one-size-fits-all financial plan. We offer financial planning advice that aims to identify your individual financial and lifestyle goals in retirement. For many retirees a driving concern is sustaining your lifestyle, protecting your wealth and assets while enjoying the freedom that spending your retirement savings can bring. We help you develop strategies for creating retirement income streams as well as managing superannuation investments and SMSFs.

With access to Fortnum’s investment management services and systems, we can review your portfolio and its performance against your goals and objectives on a regular basis. This allows for response to changes in your circumstances and to take advantage of new opportunities.

Contact us today on 03 9909 7553 for advice on planning your retirement years or alternatively, email us and we will contact you to discuss how we may assist you in achieving your retirement goals.