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Corporate Superannuation

At Durand Financial Services, we take a proactive approach to planning Corporate Superannuation strategies to meet the needs of your organisation and your employees.

We have a thorough understanding of superannuation legislation and market offerings so we are able to research, assess and tailor an appropriate superannuation solution for your industry and organisation. With support from other organisations, like Deloitte, we maintain a highly competitive position in the corporate superannuation space, delivering what we believe is a standout corporate superannuation offering.

Our advisers have extensive experience in Corporate Superannuation planning across a diverse range of industries, and our team is dedicated to providing you with ongoing support and advice. We initiate regular contact through Policy Committee meetings to remain focused on improving superannuation outcomes for your organisation and regularly review each plan to assist your members with their superannuation goals and needs.

As a member of one of our corporate superannuation plans, we offer free financial planning appointments, to assist you in working towards your financial planning goals. In addition, we provide ongoing employee superannuation education and assistance, delivered via a Member Support Program. Our Member Support Program incorporates presentations and reporting as well as advice on salary sacrifice, rollover and retirement planning to assist you in making the most of your superannuation.

We continually assess the changing superannuation market as part of our regular review processes, so that we can align your superannuation strategies to your organisational needs.

For advice on stress-free superannuation solutions for your business and employees, contact us today on 03 9909 7553 or email us and we will contact you to discuss the needs of your corporate super package.